YouShape 2016

YouShape Badge 2016

The national #YouShape 2016 event is taking place 5-7 February. However there are great opportunities to get involved with YouShape 2016 in your section as well!

All the discussion doesn’t have to happen at the national YouShape event. There are some fantastic ideas, for all sections, around what to discuss, how to deliver fun and effective activities as well as youth forums. These are for you to use during YouShape week and will also contain information on how to get involved in the national conversation. You can find where to get your YouShape Week certificates and opportunities to receive participation badges in the new section specific Youth Shaped resources below!

Youth Shaped Scouting BeaverYouth Shaped Scouting Cub Youth Shaped Scouting ScoutYouth Shaped Scouting Explorer/Network

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If you have any questions please email [email protected] and don’t forget to keep engaging through social media using the #YouShape!

Watch the highlights from the National #YouShape live stream