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All Cheltenham District training courses are recorded on the County Training Diary.

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Training Enquiries

Alan Hayward – District Training Administrator <[email protected]>


Training Advisors

The details of what you need to do to validate each training module are shown in your handbook which you should have been given when you attended Initial Training (aka Getting Started). If you are unsure about what training you have to do or what you have to do to learn/validate a training module ask your fellow Section Leaders, Group Scout Leader or any District Training Adviser.

The following are local / District Training Advisers (as at 12 July 2016) and can be contacted for information/advice on training matters.

Alan Hayward (District Training Administrator) may also be contacted for information/advice (and pointing in the right direction) but he is unable to validate any modules.

Details of courses and validation sessions are shown in the County Training Diary →

Local validation sessions are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month at District Headquarters (19:30–21:30). Please get in touch with one of the Training Advisers as they may be able to meet you at other times (e.g. before/after your section meeting).