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2015 District Photograph Competition

Do you have what it takes to capture the fun, challenge and adventure of Scouting?

Yes? Fantastic! We are looking for the most inspiring photos of young people in the district, actively involved in a Scouting activity. It would be awesome if we could use these images to represent Scouting in Cheltenham District on our website and social media. You could even set some young people this additional challenge while they are working towards their Photographer Activity Badge!

The top 3 images will be chosen as winners showcasing each section, meaning that 12 images in total will be selected (3 from Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers). These images will be displayed on the homepage, on the relevant section page on the website and social media to promote Scouting in Cheltenham District.


Submission Requirements

In order to qualify, each image must promote the Scouting brand values of everyday adventure in addition to showing challenge, fun, friendship and positive impact.

Use this kind of image Avoid this kind of image
Fun and friendship
Youthful and youth-shaped
Informal and relaxed
Teaching or passing on skills
Focus on people
Positive impact
Clear and well composed
Achievement and pride
Teamwork and leadership
Grip and grin
De-motivated or unhappy young people or adults
Little or no diversity, boys only
Adults only
Uniform only, marching or inspections
Football team style group shots
Deliberately posed, or pointing, awkward or artificial looking shots
No context
Difficult to identify the subject
Images that propagate stereotypes eg. knots, knees and hats!
Images that show drinking, smoking etc
Out of focus and poorly framed
Shots without human interest
Solitary children

Images should:

  • try and capture a moment of transformation or achievement
  • show a moment of connection, friendship or accomplishment; this should be spontaneous rather than contrived
  • reveal an adult or young person’s personality
  • tell a story
  • provoke a strong emotional response from the viewer
  • breakdown the distance between Scouting and its potential supporters

Your image checklist:

  • Are the young people in the photograph recognisable as Scouts?
  • Does it show Scouting’s diversity?
  • Does it show that we are a youth shaped movement?
  • Does it demonstrate the positive impact we make in local communities?
  • Is there sufficient context to show what the photograph is about at a glance?
  • Does it support our brand?
  • Will it stand out from hundreds of other images?
  • What makes it different, special, interesting or unique?

Read the full section on Photography in the Brand Guidelines [PDF] → (pages 37-41)


Submitting Photographs to the Competition

Any person within the district may submit photographs to the competition. You may submit your images to the competition by emailing i… (click to reveal address) and attaching the images to your email message. When submitting the images please make sure that:

  1. the relevant permission has been obtained (e.g. from parents of young people in the photograph) to display it on the website,
  2. you include the Scout Group, section (Beavers/Cubs/Scouts) and night/name if there are multiple in the Group or the Explorer Unit that the young people in the photograph belong to in the email message,
  3. you include, if possible, any additional information on what is happening in the photograph (for example a badge being completed or the event/camp that it is taking place on).

Please note that we may use images submitted in this competition, on the website and/or Cheltenham Scouts social media in the future to promote Scouting in Cheltenham.


Closing Date

The submission period for the competition will end July 31st so be sure to send your photos in before then!


Announcing the Winners

The 12 winning images will be announced in August following judging process by a selection of members of Cheltenham District Scouts.