Wyell YLU (Young Leaders)

The Wyell Young Leaders’ Unit delivers leadership training to Explorer Scouts and DofE participants who are working as Young Leaders. Young Leaders assist adult leader teams deliver Scouting to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

As with all the Young Leader Units in Gloucestershire, we welcome Young Leaders and DofE participants from other areas who either have no local Young Leader Unit, are unable to attend their local Young Leader Unit because of other commitments or need to complete the module which is being delivered at the time.

Wyell Young Leaders' Unit

Wyell Young Leaders’ Unit
2nd Thursday of the month
Cheltenham District Scout HQ, Brooklyn Road, Cheltenham, GL51 8DS

The Scout Association’s Young Leaders’ Scheme consists of 10 Modules and 4 Missions. Wyell meets once a month to work through the programme. Apart from the mandatory Module A, which has to be completed within three months of starting as a Young Leader (and preferably sooner), Young Leaders are free to choose which modules they wish to work on and they can be completed in any order.

The value of the Young Leader training programme in Cheltenham was recognised when in 2011, Wyell was named as the Cheltenham Volunteer Team of the Year by the GAVCA.

The Young Leaders’ Scheme is recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management as a Development Programme. The ILM is one of the UK’s leading providers of leadership and management qualifications. This accreditation shows the quality of the Young Leaders’ Scheme, to any external organisations that Young Leaders might apply to in the future.  This reflects the value of the skills learnt through the scheme to employers.

If you have any questions or would like more information contact the Wyell Team <[email protected]>

Why be a Young Leader?

We asked several Young Leaders why they love volunteering, these are their responses:

I am a Young Leader because…

  • it is great to see young people enjoy Scouting, just as you did, and is a fantastic way to give back to the movement, helping others to improve as people gaining life skills and character. — Jordan
  • it allows me to give something back to my old group who have shaped me into who I am and have fun at the same time whilst gaining valuable leadership skills for future life. — Joe
  • it counted towards my volunteering section of my Bronze DofE, afterwards I continued it just to finish off my Young Leaders’ Scheme, as it is a good qualification to have, I then started to enjoy running things for the Cubs’ enjoyment and now I’m not just doing it because I need it for DofE. — Oliver

Young Leaders Programme 2018

  • Programme to be confirmed


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Information for Section Leaders

When a Young Leader is working in any section, the Section Leader is responsible for the safety and welfare of the Young Leader.

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